'Wear We" Capture all Life in Style.

Cali's Mission thru Faithful Visions is too inspire ALL to Capture all Life in Style with Confidence, Dedication & Hardwork! #Faith #Family #Fashion #Music

Capture all Life in Style

Confidence - Dedication - Hardwork by Cali's apparel LLC

Why Shop @Calisapparelstore?        

The Brand name Capture all Life in Style says it all. We are professional designers, stylists, innovators, trendsetting artists who Love & express our artistry through Thee Arts of Design, Fashion, Music & Entertainment. 

Our buyers shop @calisapparelstore always looking to obtain exclusive premium labels and rare finds. All orders are globally delivered to our customers at affordable pricing through our radically easy-to-shop website and other distribution channels.

Handling everything from the design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, helps us ensure meeting all service and deliverables of our quality products and goods to customers across the globe.

The artistry expressed in all the Cali's apparel garments & goods are highly detailed and colorful. We like to call these products Classic Steelos. In other words, inspired Original Retro designs. (Steelo meaning Style)

We Love putting different colors together and mixing fabrics, especially when designing our limited Capsule & Exclusive Cut & Sew pieces. These pieces are decorated with Embroidery, Direct to Garment Sublimation and Screen prints.  All our garments are Unisex from T-shirts, Hats, Sweatshirts, Sweat suits, Shades, accessories & more.

The brand is now looking to continue to enhance our current and future customers shopping experience with more service. Our goal is to offer other ways to purchase our unique custom made Stylish & Fashionable timeless pieces. Capture all Life in Style clothing can be purchased online through our e-commerce store or through our retail/ wholesale showroom located in Suffolk County, Long Island NY. Our products will now also be available for purchase through different retail distribution channels obtained at trade shows.

Keep in mind that 20% of the money generated by sales always goes into our Cali's apparel Academy. Our academy helps us in fulfilling our mission through Faithful visions in giving back to the communities. 

The Capture all Life in Style academy helps by providing work & helping many unemployed artists primarily Millennials learn Purposefully & Faithfully evolve within Thee Arts of either Design, Fashion, Music & Entertainment.‚Äč

What makes us unique you ask? 

We're all a Team of self disciplined, talented and structured professionals with more than 15 years of diverse industry experience in custom apparel promotional product development. We're also known as The Family Brand because it's what represents our Strong Family Tied Foundations. Who's mission through faithful visions has always been to serve & dominate in customer service with quality goods and products. 

This has helped us become one of the leading experts in the Custom apparel Manufacturing industry. Cali's apparel is a Stylish & Fashionable Brand which embodies originality & exclusivity. 

From conception to execution, we bring to life our own designs. We have a team of stylists/designers that are exactly what our logo represents. We are all Faithfully Confident, Dedicated, Hardworking innovators who Love to Capture all Life in Style. Using our imagination is how we all design & create through formulated ideas with one common goal. A goal to do more, deliver more, which will help us all increase more. 

We always find ourselves ahead of the game. This helps us set the trends in maintaining our originality, while keeping our reputation we've worked so hard to earn since founder Mr.Cali'Styles Meneses founded the Brand & Company in 2009.

Capture all Life in Style Confidence Dedication Hardwork by Cali's apparel LLC isn't simply a clothing brand store & private label Mfg Company. We're a purposefully driven brand influenced from the golden retro era of the 80's & 90's considering that's the era founder Mr.Cali'Styles Meneses grew up in, since first arriving to the USA & being raised in his hometown NYC from his birth place of Cali/Medellin, Colombia. 

From the first collections introduced and sold in 2012 door to door and city to city, included pieces like colorful airbrush tees, custom velour sweat suits & stylish shades. These were all inspired by the 80's graffiti on the trains & break dancers aka B-boys & B-girls which were always seen by him in trains dancing mainly in the Tristate & Times square during the 80's and early 90s.

It's always been business within a purpose. It's bigger than fashion, it's not just about style in clothing it's about your character! When you purchase & wear Capture all Life in Style you're actually faithfully representing & wearing your Confidence, your Dedication & commitment to being a Hard worker in whatever you do! 

Cali's apparel believes that we all have God given gifts that are to be used in serving others while fulfilling a divine purpose. That is why Mr.Cali'Styles Meneses suggests that we should always seek to obtain and Honor our gifts while never compromising our integrity along with our willingness to serve others in always honoring our word!


Cali's apparel has had the honor and pleasure in giving back, investing and working with many brands & companies such as the EmbroidMe Franchises now known as Fully Promoted. We have also worked with Goodwill social services, along with many artists like Kino Music from the Netflix TV series Reina Del Flow, John Jiggs, PMD from the Hip hop group EPMD. We have also worked with different Schools, Churches, Bands, Corporate Companies & Non Profits organizations.

Overall as the brand continues to expand, we want to take this time to thank our supporters in advance for always believing in us and purchasing, wearing & helping us build  @calisapparelnyc @calisapparelstore

God Bless to all and always remember to Capture all life in Style with Confidence, Dedication & Hard work.

P.S One of Mr.Cali'Styles Meneses favorite Scriptures is Matthew 17:20

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."